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YJ will never die!!!

I spent all of last night reading this fanfic called 윤재만들기 (Project YJ) and omg I'm in love.

Project YJ has a basic premise but written with so much heart that it's such a joy to read.

Kim Jaejoong and Kim Ah Joong (of 200 pounds of beauty-fame) are two siblings who don't get along well... at all. Ah-Joong, the older sibling, is a rabid fangirl of Jung Yunho, a popular singer while Jaejoong works at a comic store and can't stand Yunho. Jaejoong is also an 'uhljjang' (Koreans should know what this is. It's basically 'number one face'- pretty people who take lots of cam pix and amass a fan following) due to his sister who takes random pix of him and posts them on Jaejoong's fancafe.

What Jae doesn't know is that his sister is part of a group called Project YJ, a cafe with over 10,000 members who are dedicated to seeing Jae and Yunho get together in 'that' way! (of course as well as making a lot of photoshopped pictures of them kissing and the like) Not only that, but Yunho seems familiar to Jaejoong, who is convinced that he's seen him before he got famous.

This makes for a serious bunch of laughs. I was literally rolling on the floor in hysterics while reading this fic. Ah-Joong's character is so adorable- don't worry, she's not out trying to steal Yunho or whatever- for god's sake she's trying to set him up with her pretty baby brother! It's so easy to imagine her as Jae's older sister in her (nefarious?!) plot to throw Jae into the arms of Yunho XD The dialogue of the siblings fighting is always a riot, and the interactions between Jae and Yunho are at first hilarious but then slowly seep into the 'awwww how cute!' territory. Really I haven't been this entertained by a fic in a long time. Currently in progress at 34 chapters, Project YJ is still going strong and I can't wait to see what happens next. I was loathe to read this fic at first because I really don't like reading unfinished fics but really- it just sucked me right in from the first chapter.

I will keep updates on this fic because this is the only thing I'm reading atm ^^
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