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Well alot of people do wonder if Yunjae couple is real or not.

Personally I think they are, or at the very least have feelings for each other. If they ever came out to the public, I'd be one happy girl but if they never do I'm fine with that as well. It's their personal life and being an outted homosexual in Korea is very difficult. Now some may dismiss my ramblings since I am a fangirl and all, and honestly I've liked a lot of other couples, but none of them made me think that they were real. Yunjae on the other hand, just makes my gaydar go wild.

Anyways I've compiled a list of Yunjae occurrences that I've gathered from Korean fansites. I don't exactly know which ones are real and which ones are just rumors, but they are nice to read right ^^ After this list there's another list which I'll list with real occurrences.

Yunjae King Game
Back when both were still SM trainees, all the trainees were gathered and playing this King game (one person becomes a king and orders people to do something). Anyways the king picked Yunho and Jaejoong told them to do some skinship (touching, kissing blahblah). So at first they were kissing, but then Yunho pushed Jaejoong onto his back and was trying to pull off his clothes but everyone jumped in to hold Yunho back ^^; There's a picture of this floating on the net somewhere where it really looks like Yunho and Jaejoong are kissing (I haven't been able to find the picture).

Yunjae Chicken on a stick
There's like twenty gazillion versions of this floating around on the net. Ok so the one that sounded most plausible to me- this happened around the time they were performing 'Hug'. Jaejoong bought a few chicken on a stick to the waiting room so the other members were eating except for Yunho who was just sitting on a sofa. So Jaejoong took 2 chicken on a stick and went to Yunho.. He could have sat next to Yunho but instead he sat on Yunho's knee.
Jaejoong- Chicken on a stick tastes good. You don't want to eat it?
and supposedly he said that really cutely, and instead of replying Yunho just pulled him closer and put his face against Jae's back.

Yunjae Bathroom
Ok well this is a real event because there is a video of it floating around on the net that I've seen. It's a pretty popular clip so you can download it on any Yunjae site or probably find it on youtube. So Yunho and Jaejoong went into a private bathroom while holding hands (Note that this is a private bathroom so 1 toilet- not a public restroom). Supposedly when the fans when into the bathroom after they came out, the toilet seat was broken or something. >_> Well I know it's half true!

Yunjae and Baby VOX
Yunho and Jaejoong were drinking water in front of the drink machine when Baby VOX walked by. Yunho was like staring at them so Jaejoong made Yunho face him and said 'where are you looking!'

Yunjae in the park
Supposedly someone saw Yunho and Jaejoong kissing in a park. There's supposedly pictures of it but of course I've never seen it (can we say BS).

Yunjae Cake event
It was someone's birthday so DBSG and the managers etc were at a cafe with a big cake. Later on, there was like a food fight or something and Jaejoong and Changmin had cake all over their hair. Someone heard some sounds from the men's restroom and peeked in- Yunho was washing Jaejoong's hair with shampoo. Jaejoong was whining about his hair getting messed up and Yunho said 'Awww it's ok baby'.

Yunjae fansigning
A fan was getting Yunho's signature and was talking to Yunho.
fan- Hi oppa!
Yunho- Hello, your name?
fan- You're dating Jaejoong oppa right?
Yunho- Haha where did you hear that?
fan- It's true isn't it! Tell me the truth please.
Yunho- Yes we're dating.

This happened when Jaejoong hurt his leg. Supposedly a fan saw this.
Jaejoong- Yunhoyah, my leg hurts. (and he was whining cutely)
Yunho- What about your waist? Is it ok? You're always in pain..

And then there's a bunch of other rumors like someone saw them going into a hotel/motel together blahblah. Ok so that's it for rumors. Now for the real things ^^ They're not necessarily all Yunjae because the obvious Yunjae stuff you guys all probably know as they're everywhere :x

Jaejoong's ideal lover^^;
Jaejoong filled out this 100 question/100 answer thing a while ago and in it was a question- 'who is your ideal boy(girlfriend)' and Jaejoong wrote someone like HK. Alot of people were really curious who HK was so on a radio show they asked and Jaejoong answered that it was Kangta (HK- HOT Kangta) while blushing and being all embarrassed. Then there was like this really awkward silence. Yes this is real. Yes it was on a radio show that got broadcasted to the public.

Jaejoong used to follow HOT around a lot when he was young. He gave Heejun a lunch that he made by himself ^^; Kim Kura who really dislikes DBSG (and gays/transsexuals), was cursing them on his radio show bitching about Jaejoong and saying 'that gay bastard he keeps picking dirty things to do'. It sounds a lot worse in Korean. "게이새끼가 별 더러운짓을 다한다고". Kura is also known for cursing Harisu (a famous Korean transsexual) on the air as well, and saying she's not even a person for being like that -_-; Anyways there's alot of rumors about Jaejoong being gay (or bi) in the entertainment business.

Jaejoong, Yunho and Jun Ji Hyun
This is a pretty popular theme in fanfics so I was just thinking, why the heck is it always Jaejoong fighting Jun Ji Hyun in fics over Yunho? So I did some research and was easily able to discover why ^^ Yunho has stated before that his ideal girl is Jun Ji Hyun. Reporters asked Jaejoong what kind of character that he would like to act as and Jaejoong answered 'I would like to play as Jun Ji Hyun's character in Happy Together'. Lol Jae are you that jealous? So cute ^^ And yes this is real as it was in the newspaper along with the comment that Jae's answer left all the reporters confused. XD

It's so obvious that Jaejoong's last kiss was with Yunho! (Heroine 6) Keke. Oh Yunjae how I love you so +_+
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